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Wet Basement? A Common Problem in the Spring.
Basement flooding is very common, especially during rainy seasons or when snow starts to melt. Omaha, Nebraska residents experienced significant problems early this spring due to just that.
Posted on: 2010/06/07 4:28:06pm

Thrasher Basement Systems Expands Facility to Accommodate Growth
Due to the exponential growth of Foundation Supportworks since 2008, we recently began construction of a 7,100 square foot addition to our office building. The new addition will be connected to our existing 10,000 square foot office building, it will make room for FSI's growing staff, it will open up existing space for the growing Thrasher staff...
Posted on: 2010/05/07 3:16:45pm

Thrasher Basement Systems Stabilize a Historic Landmark
Sagging floors, sinking girders, settling piers all mean trouble for your crawl space and can result in unlevel floors, inoperable doors and windows and cracked drywall. The Foundation Supportworks, Inc. Smart Jack is a supplemental support system for crawl space applications. The Smart Jack effectively supports sagging beams and floor joists caused by:
Posted on: 2010/04/28 3:32:17pm

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