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Wet Basement? A Common Problem in the Spring.

By nature, basements are imperfect concrete structures built in unstable soils of varying density and compaction. For over 100 years troubled homeowners have battled the water trapped in soils surrounding their home from leaking into basement levels through walls, floors and joints. Basement flooding is very common, especially during rainy seasons or when snow starts to melt. Omaha, Nebraska residents experienced significant problems early this spring due to just that. With increased snowmelt and rain, homes and businesses in the area experienced water leaking into their structures.

The damage in your basement caused by water is obvious. However, there are many effects that you may or may not see as a result of a damp and wet basement. The "stack effect" creates airflow in your home from bottom to top. This air flows upward into the upper levels of your home from the basement, bringing the humidity from the basement with it. The effects on your home can include: 

  • Dust Mites (the number one indoor allergen) 
  • Sticking doors and windows 
  • Smelly damp carpets 
  • Buckling hardwood floors 
  • Condensation/rotting/mold in your attic
  • Frost or condensation and mold on the inside of windows in cool weather 
  • Increased cooling bills (damp air takes more energy to cool) 
  • Increased heating bills (damp air takes more energy to heat) 
  • Mold upstairs
  • Decreased life of roof sheathing and shingles
  • Decreased life of paint on the outside of your house 
  • Aggravated asthma and allergies

Home buyers expect a basement free from water or water damage. In fact, prior to purchasing a home, most buyers hire a home inspector trained to detect defects in the home. Due to the fact that in most states sellers are required to disclose any potential problems or defects with their home, fixing a wet basement is much cheaper than not fixing a problem in the long run. Disclosing problems with a wet basement could potentially either prevent you from selling your home or receive an offer up to 10% lower than your asking price. We can all agree 10% is a lot of money when evaluating the price of a home. 

The good news is that there are companies trained and equipped to fix wet basements and prevent water from being a problem in the future. Fixing your basement is not a do-it-yourself project. It takes hard work, specialized knowledge, and equipment. The first and most important step is diagnosing the problem and identifying the cause. A good basement waterproofing company will examine your basement and determine what type of leak you have, as well as recommend the best and most cost efficient way to fix it. 

If you're having problems with water in your basement, don't wait, contact Thrasher Basement Systems today for a free, no obligation estimate. We'll send a Certified Waterproofing Specialist to your home to give you a free in-home consultation to address the issue.

Posted on: 2010/06/07 4:28:06pm
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